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Be Sober...Be Vigilant

Sunday Morning Series

Satan…the accuser…the adversary. You would think that every Christian would believe in Satan, but polls show that only 86% of “born again” Christians believe Satan is a real person. And that is one of Satan’s most successful tactics…you won’t stand against an enemy that you don’t believe exists.


Our series, “Be Sober…Be Vigilant: Understanding and Overcoming the Adversary” will examine what Scripture says about the reality of Satan, as well as the tactics that he uses in the lives of Christians. From confusion to all-out attack, no tactic is off-limits. And Satan does not fight fair!


Beginning July 8th, join us on Sunday mornings as we expose Satan and equip the saint to Be Sober and Be Vigilant!

Holy Mountain Baptist Church is located at 3121 Ashley Street in Kingsport, TN.  


Contact the church office via e-mail at, via phone at 423-247-1212, or by using the contact form linked below.

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